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Seawind RC regatta on 31-12-2013 on the foreshore

Notice Of Regatta

THE LDYC / Weidmuller RC Yacht December Regatta

will be sailed on the Vaal Dam on 31st December 2013


1.1 The Organizing Authority is Lake Deneys Yacht Club

1.2 Instead of sailing under the 2013 to 2016 International Sailing Federation Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) the prescriptions of SAS and the rules of the individual classes except where amended by the sailing instructions, we will make up the rules as we go

along. The Race Officer in consultation with the sponsor shall have the final say as to what these rules may be. Rules may be changed and applied, without warning, at any point before the start, after and during the race.

1.3 Yachts participating in this race shall conform to the Equipment Rules of Sailing (ERS) 2013-16 as prescribed for all Seawind class RC Yachts or by any interested passer-by under the age of six who may or may not have ties to the relevant class

association. Yachts failing to comply with these rules shall be fined 1 beer.

1.4 All yachts, with the exception of the sponsors, shall carry a 20kg anchor with a 5 meter chain. The chain shall be securely attached to the anchor but not necessarily to the yacht.

1.5 All stickers shall be in the correct place as detailed in the Outer Mongolian version of the Seawind assembly instructions.

1.6 All yachts shall have in their possession a cooler box with an emergency supply of refreshments, necessary equipment for providing the bridge officer with a boerewors roll, a hat, sunblock and a good attitude.

1.7 Scrutinizing will be at the discretion of the race organizers. Those failing scrutiny shall be fined 1 beer and be forced to retrieve

the marks after the race.


2.1 The race is open to all Seawind Yachts .

2.2 Other yachts may enter only after written permission from their mother is given.

2.3 It is hereby noted that the Race Committee and the Race Officer are open to bribes.

2.4 All crew on board shall wear suitable Personal Flotation devices at all times. Please note – Blow up dolls do not suffice as

floatation devices.


3.1 Entries will be accepted any time before, during and after the race.

3.2 Late entries will be accepted. Late entrants shall be fined one beer for every person already entered.

3.3 Entry fee for the yacht and skipper shall be a donation of R25.00 to NSRI.


4.1 Registration will be sometime, if we feel like it.

4.2 Sailing instructions – You will sail when instructed to do so by the Race Officer.

4.3 Start shall on the foreshore near the water at LDYC. For those unsure of the where the water is, the co-ordinates are

26°54'48.21"S, 28° 5'37.17"E.

4.4 Start time. We are hoping for around 11am but this is largely dependent on what time the race officer decides to get out of bed.


5.1 The cut off time shall be when we have all had enough.

5.2 The cut off time may be extended by the sponsor if he feels that sailing more races will benefit him.


6.1 For overall results, yachts will be handicapped according to the LDYC Rating system which we shall make up as we go along.


7.1 If you are incapable of or just too lazy to wade out into the dam to retrieve your yacht, courtesy moorings will be available. Just tangle your yacht up with one of the existing moorings. You may sleep on board your yacht if you wish.


8.1 Prize giving will be held sometime after the race.

8.2 Prizes to be awarded include

1st yacht painted red on one side and green on the other

1st yacht with a bearded skipper who’s wife’s name is Sharron

1st yacht with the most deck fittings removed by yachts painted red and helmed by Hon. Life Commodores

Phone: (016) 371-1393 Fax: (016) 371-2343 e-mail:

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Remote Control Yachts

Good Day to our Members
The "Mickey Mouse Club" also known as our "baby sail boats" would like to re-start by having a sailing event on Saturday 25th August 2012 on the foreshore at 16h00.
Each adult, please bring a child along.  It would be great fun to teach them how to sail the baby boats too. 
Come on everyone let's get some practice and trim those sails.

Ultimate Hobbies in Vanderbijlpark,  would like to invite LDYC Radio Control Boat sailors or any other RC sailing club to take part in a Model Show,  to promote RC sailing and their Clubs ,  Any boat is welcome, own designs, scratch build, 36", 1 meter or off the rack kids (like Sea Winds). It will be free of charge, but they want to know before 10 December 2011 to reserve us a stand.  The show will happen on 28 January 2012 outside their shop. 

I will represent LDYC Radio sailing if the RC sailors can help with boats and photos or what ever for a display. 

For more info contact Ultimate Hobbies in Vanderbijlpark   Tel:  016 931-0134 

Cornelius du Plessis
082 373 8093

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Summer Series next

Current owners:
Simon Fisher - Sail # SA-01 - Aqua-Holic - Freq 35.100
Geoff Teasdale - Sail # SA-02 - Zamma Legge - Freq 35.050
Arnold Spies - Sail # SA-03 - Rigby Tree - Freq 27.095
Luke Quinn - Sail # - SA-04 - T-Bone - Freq 35.040
Rodney Beresford - Sail # - 05 - SeeWeed - Freq 26.995
Mark - Sail # - SA-06 - Useless - Freq 26.995
Spencer - Sail # - SA-07 - Crew-Less - Freq 27.145
Jonny Smith - Sail # SA-08 - Slipstream - Freq 27.075

Daniel vd Heever - Sail # SA-10 - Purple Haze - Freq 27.025 MHz
Kai - Sail # SA-11 - Kappa - Freq 27.195 MHz
Tyrone Morris - Sail # SA-11 - ???????? - Freq ?????? MHz
Alex - Sail # SA- ??Keith - Sail # SA- ??
Sleigh Haynes - Sail # 31 - No Crux! - Freq 40,695
Quinton Oliver  Sail #  SA- ?? - Humping – Freq – 40.675 Hz
John the Manager - Sail # ?? - Nameless - Freq - 27.175
Cornelius - Sail # ???????????????

Boats supplied by
Bob’s Hobbies
Henley on Klip

Contact Bob
Tel: 016 366 0965
Fax : 016 366 0966


Racing will be run on the same format as the keelboats and results will be posted here.





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